I Have My Doctorate, Now What?


Today, the career options for those with doctorates are much more varied across the disciplines and extend far beyond the traditional academic trajectories. Each of these tracks, ranging from academia to industry and government, offers remarkable opportunities to help realize your potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

Making these career decisions requires a nuanced understanding of the various career paths, their prospects and trade-offs, and the future directions these choices could lead to. To help you make informed decisions and strengthen your applications, MD2K has assembled a panel of leading thought leaders from academia, government, and industry to share their personal experiences and insights in a Career Day on Oct. 25.

Moderated by Dr. Vivek Shetty (past chair, UCLA Academic Senate,  member of UCLA’s Committee on Tenure and Promotions), the panels include luminaries such as Dr. M. David Rudd (Distinguished Professor and President of the University of Memphis), Dr. Eric Fain (past group president of Abbott and St. Jude Medical), Dr. Edward Ramos (Program Director at the National Institutes of Health); Dr. Susan Murphy (Professor of Statistics at Harvard, member of the National Academies), Dr. Ida Sim (Professor of Medicine at  UC-San Francisco and co-founder of Open mHealth) and Dr. Jim Rehg (Professor, College of at Georgia Tech).  For more information, see the brochure for the MD2K Career Day.

Please RSVP here:  MD2K Career Day RSVP

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